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Project Background

After purchasing an empty warehouse close to their vineyard, the team at Zonzo Estate wanted to convert the space into a brand new winery. Cooling systems are a vital component of the modern winery, and Zonzo wanted to ensure they has the best cooling system possible to keep the winery running smoothly. 

Needing their facility up and running in time for the coming vintage season, Zonzo decided to choose COOL-FIT 4.0 for the cooling circuit, COOL-FIT 2.0 for comfort cooling and heating of the facility and select units from the Kreyer range to run the facility as well as manage temperature control of the tanks. This resulted in our parent company, Winequip, collaborating with GF Piping Systems in the installation and ensuring that the new facility was ready before the deadline. 

Zonzo Estate Install

Overview of the new Zonzo Estate facility. 

Design & Installation

Careful design choices were a large factor in this installation. Given the quick time frame, stringent technical requirements and the need to minimise the overall environmental footprint, the choices in what materials to use had to be right. Our general manager Rob Gore was able to plan this complex installation in collaboration with both Zonzo and GF Piping, with maximising wine quality and making the facility easier to use the key focuses. 

This project included a total of 495 metres of piping, 30 connections to white wine tanks, 28 connections to red wine fermenters and 30 connections to fans. The installation also included a Quantor Q2174 dual cooling and heating unit for the entire facility, 9 Thermo Fan TA units and Fermfix temperature controllers for each fermenter. These numbers highlight the scope of the operation and make the project completion time all the more impressive. 

Pre-insulation of the piping & the build of the COOL-FIT range ensured that any hiccups along the way did not impact on the deadline, resulting in the installation being completed right in time for harvest. 

Zonzo Estate Install

COOL-FIT Piping & fans installed at the Zonzo facility

GF Piping Systems Background

GF Piping Systems are the leading experts in water, chemical and gas transportation. GF Piping Systems have more than 60,000 products for complete system solutions, including a full range of high quality piping, fittings, valves, actuators, flowmeters, heat exchangers and sensors. These units can be used in a wide variety of operations, showcasing the flexibility of the GF Piping Systems range. 

Benefits of choosing COOL-FIT piping include: 

  • Up to 65% lighter than metal piping, making them easier to transport & handle. 

  • 50% faster installation due to factory pre-insulation, eliminating the need for traditional insulation after the installation. 

  • Easy to clean thanks to corrosion and maintenance free components. 

  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental footprint due to low thermal conductivity. 

  • 100% reliable and 100% maintenance free, with no maintenance costs throughout the entire service life. 

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