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The temperature regulator Fermflex with Bus-interface for the connection to a computer is designed for measuring and regulating temperature. The controllers double display shows the actual and the required temperature (set-point) in separate displays. Additionally, a LED light shows the actual mode of operation (cooling or heating). 

The Fermflex controllers are mounted on a stainless steel plate with a solid hook. They do not need to be fixed but simply hang on the tank or nearby. A temperature sensor of adequate length is then inserted into the tank's thermal socket. 


The temperature regulator Fermfix is designed for measuring and regulating tank temperature. The FermFix includes a BUS-interface for connection to a computer and control over software. With its fixed temperature sensor it is designed to be fixed into the immersion socket on the tank, which allows the user to set or reset the temperature right at the tank. 

It is the ideal solution for every producer of beverages who wishes to have the temperature displayed and control right at the tank. Additional controllers for additional tanks can be integrated right into your installation at any time. Software control can also be added at any future time for remote capabilities. 

Fermflex Box

Fermflex Box

The elegant stainless-steel control cabinet Fermflex Box serves to control tank temperature automatically, from a central point in the facility. For each tank to be controlled a Fermflex Box control card is included. Therefore the temperatures of all tanks can be viewed at a glance and the settings can be changed on the spot. 

The cabinets are available in a variety of sizes. The boxes are equipped with a PC interface so that temperature settings can be changed either on the cabinet manually or using the Ferm-software on a PC. 


Vininfo temperature control

The VinInfo is a modular system in every aspect. The building-blocks of the VinInfo management system are the BU - the 'Basic Unit'. Each tank and each additional item is regulated by its own BU. All BU in the cellar are connected with a single BUS cable running between them and the Server-PC. More BU's for control of additional equipment can be added at any time, at any place along the cable line.


It is a flexible all-able system, the VinInfo can control and display all of the following information: 

  • Tank temperature control. 

  • Pumps and cooling unit control. 

  • Dosing of oxygen (micro/macro process). 

  • Fermentation by CO2 emission levels (sugar conversion). 

  • Air-cooling and humidity level control. 

  • Timed-operation equipment. 

  • Reports, graphs and archive.

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