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Thermo Fan SD-S

Kreyer SD-S thermo fan

The fan coil ventilators type SD-S are suitable for the cooling and heating of large rooms and halls (room sizes from 500 - 2500 m3) at positive, human-comfort ambient temperatures. This is done by using cold or hot water supplied by the cooling unit. These units can be smoothly integrated in existing systems. 

This range is available in four different sizes, and is ideal for use in damp surroundings like cellars, cooling rooms and store rooms. 

Thermo Fan TA

Kreyer MA thermo fan

The TA thermo-fans with the double-sided air-blow are suited to the cooling or heating of large rooms and halls. For the acclimatisation process, the fans are run with cold or warm water provided by a cooling unit. The thermo-fans can be easily integrated into an existing water system. The thermo-fans series are equipped with low-noise high-efficiency ventilators. The number of ventilators in each model is determined by its size and capacity. The casing is made of recyclable ABS plastic, which is especially suited to installation in damp environments with high water concentration in the air. These fans are fitted mostly with rust-proof components, making them well suited for installation in applications such as wine-cellars, cool rooms and storage halls. 

Kreyer SD-S plus thermo fan

Thermo Fan SD Plus

The latest series of thermo fan from Kreyer. These units are made in stainless steel, and are suitable for the cooling and heating of rooms and halls at positive temperatures. Can be perfectly adapted for use with existing chillers and can be easily integrated into any cooling system. The stainless steel casing of the SD Plus range has an elegant look, and are ideal for use in moist surroundings like cellars, cooling rooms, store rooms and halls. Models from 4.5 to 18.8 kW of cooling capacity available. 

Kreyer humifix


The centrifugal humidifier HumiFix is equipped with a spinning disk that vaporises water into very fine droplets that can easily be absorbed by the surrounding air, humidifying and cooling a room at the same time. HumiFix can work on both mains or demineralised water. It can also work at low temperatures (down to +1°C), which is ideal for installation in cool rooms and storage halls. The HumiFix is available in 2 sizes: 1 L/h and 6 L/h. Both models are differently equipped and have different control options. 


HumiSys is a humidification system that functions by means of spraying fine water-vapour via atomising nozzles and distributes it homogeneously. The HumiSys is available in three different configurations - with 360° fans, fans with high air flow or direct nozzle pipe line. It is possible to have any desired combination of these elements, in order to tailor the humidification system for your installation.  

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